Roy Ngerng the CPF blogger who infamously got sued by current Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong couldn't have said it any better; In a short few months, Singapore's opposition voices seem to be under severe scrutiny by the State. One another after, for one reason or another, they have been brought to Court, charged by the police or are undergoing investigations for one offence or another. 

Being a smart Singaporean, I know better than to debate on the merits of each case. Let our independent Courts make their own judgments and Singaporeans will make form our own opinions of the State. 

Roy conveniently listed the slew of Opposition figures who were subject to legal or enforcement scrutiny recently and it serves as a reminder of the risks these brave men and women endured so as to speak up for the massess and raise uncomfortable alternate points of views of the incumbent rulers. 

Former Minister Wong Kan Seng once scoffed at the notion of the Climate of Fear in Singapore. Now, think about it, all these men and women, they spoke up in one way or another, yes some may be half-truths, some the whole truths, some lesser than others but is the State's heavy-handed approached the way Singapore should treat those with alternative voices and views?

Think differently from me and I will swing the big hammer onto you if you dare raise your voice to "challenge" me without 100% irrefutable facts. Make one silly mistake, use one little half-truth and I will paint you as a purveyor of Fake News. 

Imagine Singaporeans reading news of these individuals being prosecuted, what goes through their minds? I wouldn't speak for others but the old me would mind my own business and get on with my life.

Why bother speaking out and end up being squashed like an ant. What do I get in return? My family is distressed, my employers see me as a potential liability and my personal reputation would be subject to the public's extreme scrutiny courtesy of the mainstream media no doubt. 

There is no climate of fear they say, I say, be honest with yourself and confront your fears. 


The writer, Suppiah hopes his fellow countryman will take the first step to true freedom.

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