DFS Group is from the US and has been at Changi airport for 38 years. The CEO and Chairman Ed Brennan cites "changing regulations concerning the sale of liquor and tobacco, against a global context of geopolitical uncertainty, meant that staying in Changi was not a financially viable option" as their reason for withdrawing from Changi Airport.

Hundreds of staff working at DFS Changi might also be losing their jobs from this withdrawal.

However, three other companies have already put in their bid to take over DFS. They are: Lotte Duty Free, Shilla Duty Free and Heineman Duty Free. Hopefully, the company taking over DFS will have job vacancies for those from DFS Changi. As long as we can continue to get our tobacco and alcohol when we get through our arrival gates, I'm sure many of us will have no complaints about who takes over.

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