A survey by Blackbox Research found that 74% of Singaporeans think that the next General Elections (GE) will take place in 2019. Even more staggering is that about a similar proportion of Singaporeans are supportive of holding the GE next year. Really? This may be a sign that our fellow Singaporeans are suffering from PAP-fatigue and cannot wait to tell the PAP what we think of it, through the ballot box.

Apart from that, another interesting finding from the survey was that cost of living was the most significant issue that Singaporeans are very concerned about. This is followed by the availability of jobs and unemployment, as well as housing affordability.

Younger Singaporeans may be coming into the picture, with many being able to exercise their votes for the first time. This demographic shift in the voter profiles was thought to potentially cause a shift in priorities. Younger voters are presumed to be more liberal and idealistic in their outlook, compared to their parents. The findings show that these generations may not be too dissimilar after all. It shows that Singaporeans in general are very practical people and are more concerned with the day-to-day challenges that they have to contend with. 

This places the PAP at significant disadvantage. They will have a hard time trying to convince Singaporeans that they are not responsible for the spike in the cost of living in Singapore. Even expats are finding things here expensive. 

Singaporeans are very used to the PAP. The pressures arising from the high cost of living will take its toll and have an impact on how Singaporeans vote. They want change. Heng Swee Keat becoming the PM, and the new generation of PAP leaders taking over is not change. That is business as usual.

For the opposition, GE can't come soon enough.

On voting day, every individual Singaporean has the power to effect a positive change, for the future of Singapore. Make it count.



The writer, Kelvin, hopes for contest in his constituency.



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