Earlier today, the Minister for Defence, Ng Eng Hen, released the COI findings into the death of local actor, Corporal First Class Aloysious Pang, to Parliament. Pang succumbed to the injuries he suffered during a reservist exercise in New Zealand.

The COI ruled out mechanical fault as a potential cause of the accident. Foul-play was also ruled out. 

It was believed that the incident occured due to safety breaches and compounded by the panic that set in. The COI detailed how Pang was not in a designated safe position before the barrel was lowered. Despite being urged to do so, Pang had dismissed the concerns and downplayed the possibility that he would be hit by the barrel. 

After Pang was hit by the barrel, the two servicemen with him did not react acccording to estalished protocols because they were gripped by panic.

It was unfotunate that Pang lost his life.

The picture painted by the COI would have been more complete with his inputs.

Let this be a lesson for all servicemen - your safety is of utmost importance. Don't take your safety for granted.

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