Noted opposition politician, Ravi Philemon, called on Singaporeans to take back the power that should rightly belong to the people. He urged Singaporeans to prevent the PAP from obtaining a 2/3 majority at the coming parliamentary elections.

Using the no-contest at the recent Presidential elections as an example, Ravi elaborated how PAP, due to its overwhelming majority in the Parliament, was able to push through constitutional reforms that eventually enabled their preferred candidate to become the President. 

The recent anti-fake news bill was also cited as another example of how freedom and civil liberties may inadvertently be curtailed due to uncertainties surrounding the bill.

Hence, Ravi pleaded for Singaporeans to do the right thing to ensure that such instances do not recur in the future.

He is absolutely right. The only way for Singaporeans to have better control of their future is to take back the power that they have left behind in the hands of the PAP.


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