It was revealed in Parliament by Minister of Manpower Josephine Teo that 350 companies are still on the MOM watch list of entities that unfairly higher foreigners and not Singaporeans. There were previously 610 companies on the list, but 260 have since been taken off.

The entities that are in the list covers across all kinds of sectors, like administrative and support services, education, information and communications, professional services, and wholesale trade. So, while the government have issued a call to reduce the number of foreign talents being imported in, the issue still remains a concern for Singaporeans, as the current practice of hiring the FTs over Singaporeans is still happening. 

Josephine Teo siad that the government is taking a strong stand against the unfair practice, but if there are still entities on the watchlist that have failed to comply, and MOM is unable to expedite their agreement to this stance, then you wonder how effective the government is in dealing with such issues. Perhaps, we will only see 100% compliance come election period. 

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