Straits Times is offering a course to teach you how to fight against fake news. The course is titled: THE STRAITS TIMES MEDIA ANALYSIS COURSE. 

The 8 hour course is set to take place on 31 July at the SPH News Centre, costing $648 per seat. The description of the course states that it aims to equip the participants with "the skills to spot fake news and analyse arguments in the media".

One of the trainers is a sernior journalist at The Straits Times, Shefali Rekhi. They described her as one of the key anchors in Straits Times intitiatives to fight fake news.

Singapore Press Holdings have stated before that they welcomed the new anti-fake news law, POFMA. 

SPH has always been known to be used as the Government's mouthpiece. Spreading their own propaganda messages to Singaporeans. Can we really trust them to teach on a topic such as fake news? 

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