Many Singaporean and opposition parties can no longer wait for the publication of the report by the Election Boundaries Review Committee (EBRC). 

Nevertheless, the Singapore People's Party (SPP), has adopted a contrarion viewpoint.

The SPP does not see any merit in speculating on the completion of the EBRC Report. It is not in the party's interest to speculate on matters that are beyond their control.

Instead, what it chooses to do is to focus its energy and resources on things that are within its control such as walking the ground to connect with residents.

However the party has a proposal that it feels can help to remove any speculation and uncertainties with regard to the election date.

Under this proposed 'Fixed Terms of Parliaments Act', the Prime Minister will not have any discretionary powers to decide the elections. The date of the elections will be set in stone and can only be changed with 75% votes in Parliament.

This is an interesting proposition. 

On one hand, under a system dominated by t]he PAP, this system will ensure a more level playing field for the opposition parties.

However, if an opposition party or coalition comes into power, the act could diminish any advantage that they may leverage over the PAP in other elections.

What do you think?


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