There is almost one accident, serious or otherwise, that happens on Singapore's roads every day. But this accident is something that we will not see that often. In fact, this kind of accident is once in a lifetime. A monitor lizard was killed after it was run over by a bicycle at the Serangoon Park Connector Network (PCN) on Saturday.

In the bizarre accident, a female cyclist was cycling across the Serangoon PCN when the monitor lizard scurried across her path. Unable to avoid the creature, the woman ran over the monitor lizard, which got entangled in the spokes of the bicycle's front wheel. The female cyclist was sent tumbling after the collision. The monitor lizard's body ended up contorted.

It was reported that the monitor lizard died immediately because of the impact, while the female cyclist injured herself when her bicycle flipped over. It was lucky that she was wearing a helmet. RIP,  Monitor Lizard

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