After years of trying to deny that our NSFs are underpaid and overworked, here it another damning statistic. 14% of NSFs who actually went AWOL actually did that because they and their families were facing financial hardship. And the boys serving in NS cannot really help out with their family needs, thus the reason they went AWOL, if only because they wanted to help their families.

These young boys are being put in an impossible decision, to help out with their families finanial needs and thus the need to go AWOl in order to find work outside, or serve their NS with distinction while watching their families suffer hardship. Most of them were willing to sacrifice themselves in the hour of need for their families, thus the serious offence of going AWOL, and the real chanec of being sent to detention barracks once they are caught.

Serving the nation with such a low pay. Whoever thought that is possible? Certainly not the PAP, who demands millions in order to serve the nation. How would they know about sacrifice?

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