Alternative news portal All Singapore Stuff uploaded a heartbreaking video showing a Singaporean man living in terrible conditions at a rubbish collection center near Ghim Moh Blk 19. The video was contributed by Mr Lim who provided  the man's background and the conditions under which he currently lived in. 

"My neighbour is just out of hospital but he is living in rubbish bin centre for almost 2 years at Ghim Moh block 19.

I personally feel that the place he stay is not healthy enough for a people under recovery. He had apply for a rental flat from HDB and even ask help from MP but it seem havent approve yet, one room or even no room is ok for him to have a proper rest.

Hope our dear mp will give him a helping hand asap."

Mr Lim elaborated that the man was his neighbour who just came out of hospital due to an unspecified illness. He had been living in the squalid quarters for a period of 2 year and despite appealing to his Member of Parliament and to HDB, he has yet to get a rental flat which would improve his living conditions. 

The contributor hoped that this video would help raise awareness and help his neighbour get the help he need, especially a proper hygienic place to recover from his illness. 

It is indeed unbelievable that a fellow Singaporean has to live in such conditions when the PAP promised that they would leave no one behind. No matter his family circumstances, shouldn't help be readily available if the man has already hit rock bottom as can be seen from the terrible conditions he is living in? 

Why can't help be provided to help this Singaporean lead a simple but dignified life? 

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