The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) has called for authorities to stop targeting TOC, Terry Xu and The Independent Singapore (TISG). It condemns the clampdown of alternative news sites as it reflects "a government that is totally out-of-sync with a maturing population". 

It demanded the authorities to produce factual accounts to support their reasons for targeting TOC and TISG. After all, Singaporeans are surely mature enough to form their own conclusions. SDP also felt unfair that TOC was targeted despite having removed the offending article. It said: "The tactic of ordering the police to visit the publisher's home to raid and confiscate equipment is unbecoming of a country that aspires to be first world"" and asked that the police return Terry Xu's equipment. 

"The truth is that Singaporeans want to see more factual information being presented and debated, not government orders to take down posts it deems untrue". 

SDP speculated that the sudden crackdown on alternative sites may be related to a looming election. "The PAP is obviously feeling the heat as the next general elections looms and resentment of its policies among Singaporeans spreads. The clampdown on the social media serves only to infuriate an already angry public.

Such actions will further hold Singapore back in our effort to break free of a suffocating authoritarian government and join mature and sophisticated nations in the developed world."

What is going to happen now that so many people have spoken against the crackdown of these alternative sites? Will things get resolved or just be shut down and swept under the rug?

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