According to reports online, an elderly hawker had no choice earlier this year to close his shop early due to lac of staff numbers, that he was forced to work the stalls himself and later suffered a heart attack due to overwork.

According to the same story, the hawker was working at the food court in Changi Airport Terminal 4, which was run by NTUC Foodfare, where he had two stalls. During the Chinese New Year period earlier this year, the hawker requested that he be allowed to shorten his opening hours, as most of his staff were not around for their holidays. However, this application was rejected, with the hawker being told that he faces fines of $500 for each day that he closes. Thus, the hawker decided to run the stalls himself to avoid paying the penalty, working from 5am to 11pm. 

Based on the report, the hawker subsequently fell ill on the second day of Chinese New Year and was rushed to hospital, where he passed away. He was diagnosed as suffering from a heart attack, most likely brought about by being overworked.

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