Care to save a life? A man is urgently looking for liver donors to save his father from end-stage liver disease. Doctors think that he may have a week left to live.

The poor man's liver failure has caused 10 litres of water to be trapped inside his body. His belly continues to bloat as his condition worsens progressively. 

His son is trying to reach out to as many people as he can because his blood group is incompatible. 

"Please help my father if you meet these criteria:
- Blood group O
- age 21 to 55
- weight of 75kg to 95kg

The liver is an organ that can regenerate. Your kindness will mean everything to my father. Every single day he is sufferring from the after effects of a failing liver. I am by his side everyday and he is perpetually in pain, and he cannot eat or drink or sleep. He desperately needs someone who can save him.

We already exhausted all possible options. He needs a compatible donor."

Please help.

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