A PAP representative who lost in the Aljunied GRC during the last elections has scored another own goal, and he had to apologise to residents there are the brochures handed out to them had a Tamil write up that was full or errors.

The message on the door hanger brochures contained translated Tamil errors, and it was obvious that anyone reading it that translation was done straight from English into a translation app service, with no QC done. The Tamil characters were reportedly inaccurate, driving the ire of the residents who feel that the PAP representative did not bother to check, and that shows how much he cared for the non-PAP ward.

The PAP representative, Shamsul Kamar apologised to all the Tamil residents of the ward, and reiterated that they take the mistakes seriously. But not serious enough, it seems, to prevent the most basic of errors in the first place. 

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