Victor Lye is one of the representatives at Aljunied GRC, under the PAP. He was photographed allegedly trying to give some food to a bus driver for him to break fast (refer to the photo above). The bus driver allegedly rejected the food.

Do you think the bus driver made a right decision to reject the food? Netizens were quick to bash Lye as he should have known that you're not supposed to eat/drink on our buses. And also, how would the driver eat/drink when he is supposed to drive? The driver obviously knew better than to accept his food.

Netizens were also quick to link his actions to the elections. Asking if he is trying to wayang and gain more votes. However, he seems to be doing it the wrong way as netizens are also questioning if the government is allowed to break rules such as eating on a public bus just to gain more votes.

What say you? Is this the signal to an election coming soon? Is he just playing the long game? Was it a smart move by him?

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