An upset customer of Singapore Power Aron Goh got the shock of his life after receiving an estimated bill of $1522.36 from SP. He recounts that this was due to SP using an estimated bill reading instead of reading the actual meter to prevent this severe overcharge. Aron was further enraged after he realised SP disabled the screenshot function in its app, causing him further grief as he tried to document and store the conversation he had with SP customer service. 

He urged Singaporeans to check their SP bills carefully and not be scammed into paying for these poorly estimated reading charges. 

See below for Aron's complaint in full. 

"Pls check your SP svc bill. Do your own meter reading to prevent overcharge. Honest old folks deem SP will be honest. But however bill from march onwards til july are estimated reading charges. In shock when new aug bill arrived with negative in thousand. Blood suckers. Btw SP app disabled screen shot capturing. Nice move.."


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