The FAS is still undecided about who to appoint as the Singapore national team coach, a full three months after Fandi Ahmad was told to vacate his post and concentrate on the U-23 squad instead. And yet, they have committed the national team to a tournament taking place in Malaysia later in March. Which is why,they have announced Nazri Nasir, who was assisting Fandi for the national team in the AFF Cup, as an interim coach. He is there just to plug the gaps in FAS succession planning.

This indecision shows just how poorly managed the Lions are under the stewardship of the FAS, who obviously had no game plan when they moved Fandi to another post. In any other walk of life, when a leader vacates his post, there will be someone waiting in the wings, and he will assume that role before a big event comes up. Apparently not Singapore football.

And we wonder why Singapore football have fallen so far from grace, that it has become a joke. Thank you, FAS, for destroying the national team of Singapore's most favourite sport. 

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