Monica Baey has spoken up again. In a recent Instagram post, she wrote that the National University of Singapore has finally acknowledged that its disciplinary system was inadequate in dealing with her perpetrator, Nicholas Lim. 

From what the school told her, it has convened a town hall to gather feedback and is in the midst of forming a Review Committee to implement the nececessary changes. 

Baey was aware that her case has been blown up on social media. She has seen all kinds of comments, even those against her, but feels that people are entitled to their own opinion. 

She stands by the fact that NUS' punishment was too light. However, she hopes that people will stop unnecessary online harassment towards Lim and his family.  

"All I will say in response to that is I do genuinely hope that he is receiving the proper support he needs to rehabilitate, and that the unnecessary online harassment towards him and his loved ones will stop. He does not deserve to be bullied online by trolls, and he definitely does not deserve to have his punishment met out by anyone on the internet - including me."

She believes that Singaporeans should not be fixated on thinking about what should be done to him but rather, what are the changes people want to see in today's society.

She sees this as a serious issue and urged victims of voyeurism or harassment to stop wallowing in their worries and start fighting for themselves. 

"The paranoia never goes away... I get so frustrated that I break down in the shower sometimes because I'm so tired of worrying. I wasn't even touched by him and yet I feel like my entire body has been violated. The feeling of disgust still sits inside of me."

To those who continue to be affected by such incidents, do not be afraid to do yourself justice. Monica Baey's courage has won her some change and everyone else can do the same to make society a better place.

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