By now, every single Singaporean would have known what sort of 'freebies' they will hope ot get after last noght's National Day Rally (NDR). Of course, these freebies are more commonly known to Singaporeans as half chicken wing. We all get some first, before we give a whole chicken back to the government. So, what's in store this year?

Ah Loong said there are more dual income families now, so more are eating out instead of cooking, and thus drives up cost of living. So his Solution is build more hawker centre. Eh Bodoh! People forced to have double income because the cost of living is spiralling out of control. He now blames us for driving up the cost of living! Lower the damn rental rates for the hawker lah!. So out of touch. And hawker works long hours and rental is crazy. Who wants to be hawker?

Then comes the HDB houses. Finally, Ah Loong had to come clean that leases for old flats will be up in the near future. In effect, we are not owners of our own homes, the ones we have been paying for using our mythical CPF money. They clean our CPF paying for something we will never own, and demands we have to meet a ridiculuous minimum sum to withdraw our CPF when we retire. Our money! And we don't even have control over it.

And the HDB? Now Ah Loong saying we have new Voluntary Early Redevelopment Scheme (VERS). This one pays so much lesser than SERS, so we will get money, but so much lower? How much lower? Of course it won't be announced yet. They have to think how to break this gently to Singaporeans.

All that's been said in this rally seems to be put together out of a desperation to deceive.That's what we all are. Deceived and taken for a ride by a government that pays its stakeholders obscene amount of money to deceive us.

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