How would you feel if you were denied a job because you are pregnant? Is this considered discriminatory in Singapore?

Facebook user Li Wu vented her frustration about a company who wanted to hire her but changed their mind after realising that she was pregnant. Her post detailed events from 23 Apr to 6 May which led up to her complaint. 

The employer had initially expressed interest in recruiting her but did not seal a contract as the person-in-charge was not around. They told her to go for a medical check-up first as she was expected to start work on 2 May 2019. 

After going for the check-up and finding out about her pregnancy, she notified her employer who later said that she was not suitable for the job. Their reasons were that the job requires climbing a steep staircase and handling a heavy workload, all of which they reckon are too demanding for a pregnant woman. 

Despite their decision, Li Wu really wanted the job. She told the employer that she has been through the same work in the construction industry and will not have any problems with it.

Alas, her explanation was not convincing enough for her employer. 

Throughout the episode, she felt that she was unfairly treated. She did not understand why her employer will reject her just because she was pregnant. She was also angry at her employer for simply justifying their actions by saying that she did not sign a contract with them and that she "did not pass" the medical examination. 

As of yesterday, the issue was still not resolved amicably. 

"I know I can file a complaint to MOM, but how would that change my circumstances? I wont be able to go back to this job and I wont be able to find another job as a pregnant woman. Can anyone help me?"

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