An ex-Singapore police officer, Sashi Cheliah (39), did us proud by emerging as the champion of MasterChef Australia 2018 and that's not all; he also managed to get the highest score ever attained in the show's 10 year history, 93/100.

Sashi Cheliah moved to Australia six years ago and became a prison officer there as well. He started to cook regularly as he missed the local fare. He started to get recipes from his mother and also from Youtube videos. From winning the title of MasterChef Australia, Sashi is also taking home A$250,000 which he plans to invest into his own restaurant in the future, specialising  in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine. Thinking back to his roots as a prison officer, he plans to use the restaurant to employ and rehabilitate ex-offenders. 

I guess you can say that he doesn't have to eat prison food again.


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