I'm sure many of us make use of ride hailing services to get home, especially after a long night out with friends. A girl, Woo, took a ride hailing service home after a night out with her boyfriend and friends. Her trip is supposed to be from Bugis to Sengkang, where she stays. Sharing her ride was another lady who was going to Yishun.

She claimed that she should have been dropped off first before the guy can head off to Yishun as that would be the easier route to take. However, she realized that the driver headed to Yishun to drop off the other lady before she dozed back off.

Ten minutes later, she allegedly felt and saw the driver touching her right breast. When she stared at him, the driver merely mentioned "something dropped".

Woo has since made a Facebook post which was taken down (probably because of doxxing). From what we gathered, the driver has also made a report on her for revealing his personal details. Also, when asked whether he touched the girl, the driver did not make any response.

Woo also warned against people from falling asleep in the front seat in a ride hailing service. 


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