A video of an elderly grandmother and her domestic helper became viral recently. In the video taken by a member of the public at the Geylang Bahru Market and Food Centre, the main can be seen to be physically mistreating the grandmother.

The granddaughter has now revealed that the old lady is a dementia patient who is unable to recall anything or enyone except for the maid.

She is also unable to carry out daily essential tasks on her own.

For the granddaughter, the video was heartbreaking. 

The maid in the video was just one in a series of domestic helpers that the family hired since the long-term maid retired due to old age. She was also the third one since the grandmother's dementia took a turn for the worse.

The grandaughter lamented that  "It sucks because I want to be [giving] like my grandmother, but seeing how she was treated like shit by a stranger, it tells me that people don't actually treat you nice just because you are a nice person."


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