On Saturday (28 September 2019), Ex-NMP Nicholas Fang, the Managing Director of Black Dot Research warned of possible foreign influence operations taking place in Singapore. He cited the examples of various alternative media websites with administrators based in foreign countries as possible evidence of this potential foreign influence operations, one of which is Legit Singapore (www.legitsingapore.com). However, Mr Fang did disclaimer by recognising it could be the use of proxies to hide the true location of the administrators and this simply represented a POTENTIAL VULNERABILITY. 

What Mr Fang said made absolute sense and we at Legit Singapore are highly aware of our patriotic duty to guard Singapore against potential threats. Hence, we like to point out the POTENTIAL VULNERABILITIES that Singapore faced from another source, from within the PAP itself. 

In case Singaporeans did not know, there are a couple of Singapore PAP Ministers past and present who have married foreign spouses (yes, naturalised as new citizen already). If foreigners can marry into the inner echelons of the PAP machinery, doesn't that represent a much much much greater POTENTIAL RISK OR VULNERABILITY of foreign interference?

Imagine our PAP Ministers who always hint to us they are very hardworking and work 24/7 for the betterment of Singapore, what are the chances of them bringing their work home, their work which contains the many secrets about Singapore. Think about it and imagine the potential vulnerabilities here.

We are not saying anything improper happened, we are simply stating the greater POTENTIAL risks involved, just like how Mr Fang is raising the potential risks of alternative media websites. 

Just to cite a few examples of PAP ministers with foreign spouses: 

Yaccob Ibrahim, Minister of Cyber Security (Such an important role). Wife is an American citizen, children holds dual citizenship until 18 years old. 

yaacob ibrahim wife foreign spouse

yaacob ibrahim wife foreign spouse


Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Senior Minister. Wife is Jane Yumiko Ittogi (Chinese/Japanese Descent)

tharman shanmugaratnam foreign spouse wife


Mah Bow Tan, Minister for National Development (build our HDBs till 2011). Wife is Dr Sheryn Kaye Von Senden

mah bow tan wife foreign spouse


As a bonus tidbit, our dear ex-NMP Nicholas Fang who is so very worried about foreign interference, also happens to have a foreign spouse. She is quite prominent in Singapore, do you know who she is? So er... got greater potential vulnerability involved here not? 

nicholas fang nmp foreign spouse wife

nicholas fang nmp foreign spouse wife julie yoo cna



So, to be quite clear, we wanted to establish that nothing has been proven that these individuals are agents of foreign influence, or that they’re trying to carry out. I think we were quite careful to say that this represents a potential vulnerability. Nothing more. You can make up your own minds. Don't take our word for it. 

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