The man who brought down Singapore football from the heights of Raddy Avramovich trophy laden Lions to bashing boys of South East Asian football, Bernd Stange, have said in an interview that the current incarnation of the Lions have gone backwards.

Bernd Stange also called on the Singapore government and sports authorities to show a genuine desire to make football more professional in Singapore. To recap, Stange was head coach of the Lions for three years from 2013, and his stint included the Lions being knocked out in the 2014 AFF Cup in the group stages, even though they were playing at home. To defend his poor record, he slammed V Sundramoorthy, the local coach who took over his position, as playing a style of defensive football that is not right for the youngsters. He also said that current coach, Fandi Ahmad plays with a more fast passing style of football, which he said will also not work. 

Stange also subsequently blamed the authorities for not being able to provide pristine pitches in Singapore to play football, and the Singapore Premier League for having foreign teams that are too strong for the local teams. 

Anything to make Bernd Stange looks good, obviously. 

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