What would you do if you found out about your close friend shoplifting because she has no money for food? A redditporean went on to the site to share about her friend and asks for tips on how she can help her friend.

A close Friend has been shoplifting food because her enough money to eat. What should I do?

She’s stolen from giant and Cold Storage and ntuc. Only essentials like rice, sanitary products vegetables and meat.

I want to help her but she is a minor and I she is on fas. Still dosent give her enough money to eat 3 full meals a day.

It’s a very unique case bc her parents are well off enough to provide for her but punish her by giving her 300/mth for all her bills, clinic appts, food,transport, books and notes and toiletries.

She dosent qualify for financial assistance btw.

The thread starter also commented that she really wanted to help as she kept pulling her friend out for late nights and worsened her situation. Before she knew it, the friend has already started stealing from the various marts.

Other redditporeans were quick to jump in and provide some useful tips such as approaching social workers for help, buying her lunch to help her tide through this period. Some also asked them to bring it up to their parents.

The TS also soon revealed how little allowance the parents were giving her friend and how she has to pay for her own meals, rent for staying at her parent's house, etc. Some exclaimed that it was borderline abuse while others argued that the parents were just teaching her how to budget and save money.

What do you think? Should her friend approach social workers? What would you do?


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