TungLok Group's catering arm has been suspended by NEA on 23 Nov 2018 after 190 people fell ill with Gastroenteritis, an intestinal condition which includes symptoms like diarrhoea and vomiting which can be caused by either a bacterial or virus infection. 

The illness was traced to a 1000 bento boxes which were prepared by seven kitchen staffs for Singapore Civil Defence Force’s public exhibition, Lifesavers’ Connect. Food in the boxes include white rice and dishes like vegetables and curry chicken. NEA, MOH and AVA conducted a joint inspection on TungLok's premises after being notified of the incident. 

The food handlers at TungLok now has to go through basic food hygiene courses before they can resume their work.

This is not the first food poisoning incident to have occurred in recent months. Just early this month, a food poisoning pandemic from Spize claimed a victim after being in coma.

You can read more on that here: Spize Food Poisoning Case Have Claimed One Victim


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