An Singapore MRT commuter recounted his traumatic experience during his peak hour commute on the Singapore MRT. He alleges that while trying to squeeze past a man blocking the MRT entrance, he accidentally pushed or nudged the big man blocking the entrance and was subject to threats to his life. The man cursed that he be chopped up into a million pieces and kept threatening to punch the commuter.

This barrage of threats only ended after the man alighted. Most disappointing of all, despite the verbal abuse and threats, no member of the public helped the victim out and all minded their own business. The victim wondered if there was anything more he could have done to help the situation. Where is the gotong royong spirit in Singapore, is the kampung spirit truly dead in our country? 

"There was this tall guy, looks to be in his 40s in office attire and wearing a blue mask over his mouth, those surgical mask kind. He was blocking the entrance of the MRT, making it difficult for people to enter and exit. So me trying to be considerate, I squeezed past him as there was a plethora of space behind him, inadvertently pushing him (*edit, the correct term would be "nudge") abit as he refused to budge.

It suddenly flipped some switch on him. He started scolding me loudly, cursing me to be chopped up into a million pieces by my father when I go home. Saying things like if I went to Malaysia, I would be chopped into a million pieces. He kept threatening to punch me and hit me, saying I was the type to be bullied at work and that he would hit me."

"I was too scared and traumatised to even look at him as he was quite tall and intimidating. I didn't retaliate or answer, I just stood there and tried to block out all the scary threats he was making and I felt really hopeless and didn't know what to do, I was just praying for him to alight at the next stop and prayed I didn't have to endure it through my whole journey home.

God or some higher power must have heard my prayers as he alighted at the next stop, Ang Mo Kio, cursing me at the very last minute before the train doors closed before leaving.

As the MRT was quite packed, there were many eye witnesses but no one did a thing."


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