2 men have been arrested by the Police Coast Guard (PCG) in a joint operations with ICA as they one of the men tried to enter Singapore illegally, while the other was a boatman who brought the man there.

Both were found committing the act in Singapore waters near Punggol. A 20 year old Bangladeshi man was seen leaping into the waters as the boat he was in neared the shore, and swam towards land, while the 46 year old Malaysian boatman made a U-turn to return back to Malaysia. His boat was quickly intercepted, and after a short chase, PCG disabled the boat, making it capsize, and arrested the man. The Bangladeshi man was picked up along the shores of Punggol Barat as he tried to scale the fencing along the shoreline. 

Both men will face charges in Singapore courts, with jail terms the minimum punishment expected.

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