Fake Halal certification alert? Facebook user "Mello Issac" exposed a food stall for lying to customers that it is Halal-certified. In a post in the "Halal Cafe & Restaurants in Singapore" group, she claimed that the stall used its hijab-donning staff as a front. 

She said that the previous stall owner sold Filipino food including pork and guessed that the current owner did not even clean the shop before selling Halal food. "I took my complaint to the food court management and the reply I got was 'nevermind la see if they can get halal'... It's misleading and supports their motive of using other ppls religion for their own profit! Downright dirty!"

She has approached MUIS but said that it has not taken action yet. From the comments, the stall may be at NUH Kopitiam. 

"I cannot stand by and watch old people getting duped anymore it is not my religious duty but a moral one. If it's not right someone has to speak out rather than have the truth be hidden by the 'devil'". There is no official notice on the issue but will people stop patronising it just to be safe? 


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