A high ranking ICA officer has admitted in Court that he obtained sexual favours from women who had been arrested for immigration offences. In return for the sexual favours, the ICA officer gave out confidential information about immigration raids to the women.

Staff Sergeant Chin Peng Sum, who is 51 years old, has been with the ICA for 20 years. He had met the three China women during the course of his work, when they were arrested for immigration offences. The women were on Special Passes while their cases were being investigated. It was during this time that Chin contacted the women and told them that he was in a position to know exactly when raids were being conducted. He also told the women that he can help them extend their Special Passes after their cases have concluded.

Chin received sexual services form two of the women for free, while keep providing them information so they could avoid arrest. Chin's communication with the women was only uncovered in May last year, when one of the women was arrested for vice activities. Chin has been suspended from his ICA duties since JUne last year.

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