During a roundtable organised by several news outlets, DPM Heng Swee Keat, while highlighting that the date for the General Elections (GE) has not been set, did not rule out the possibility of having the election amidst this, what is now deemed by the WHO as a pandemic - Covid-19.

Heng himself noted that Covid-19 is likely to last until the end of the year and resources will continue to be required to manage the virus.

Yet, Heng refused to rule out having the GE during this period? Why?

Are they very confident that public sentiment is for the PAP government, based on their policies so far to manage the spread of Covid-19 here?

Even if they are banking on riding the wave of optimism, it is very irresponsible for the PAP to call for an election while Covid-19 is still very fluid and not contained.

An election has to be called by April 2021. There is one more year to go. There is no need for the PAP to take a risk and rush. 

The health and safety of Singaporeans should be prioritised. Not votes for their party.

Where will the rallies be held? Can they confirm that everyone attending the rallies are all socially responsible people who know how to isolate themselves if they are sick? Then there may be those that are asymptomatic. Screenings may not be able to detect them.

In short, it would be reckless to call for an election during this period.

If indeed the PAP calls for an election, we hope Singaporeans can see through the PAP's ruse and vote against the party for gambling on votes for the safety of Singaporeans.




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