SIA group CEO Goh Choon Phong has apologised to all the Scoot passengers who were affected after oxygen masks were deployed when their flight was landing at the Taipei Airport. There were a total of 178 passengers on the flight, and though there were no injuries, one infant did throw up during the descent.

In response to the media, Scoot had said that the pilots had switched on a back-up power unit to prevent an overweight landing caused by excess fuel. This caused a slight loss of cabin pressure, but not enough to have caused any major issues. However, the pilots still decided to deploy the oxygen masks as a precaution. Mr Goh has since acknowledged that the actions by the pilots had caused unnecessary anxiety and inconvenience to the passengers.

Scoot had already said that the pilots involved will be sent for retraining due to their  "procedural decisions" which contributed to the slight loss of cabin pressure, and decision making which caused anxiety to passengers. 

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