Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong really likes to act coy. In a Facebook post yesterday, he said that he met former PAP politician George Yeo at a Chap Gor Mei dinner and did not forget to add: "George Yeo is back with the Aljunied team! He is fighting fit.

Yeo was an MP and represented the PAP in Aljunied GRC from 1988 until 2011 when he lost to the Workers' Party. He has since retired from politics. 

What did Lau Goh mean when he said that George Yeo is back? Was he hinting at something or deliberately playing coy? Could George Yeo be coming back to politics or was he simply back in Aljunied for old time's sake? 

Some netizens wondered the same and felt that it was a pity he left politics. Pro-PAP or not, many believe that he would have been a better leader than those elites we see today.

It will be fun if he is really back but who knows, the rest of the PAP team may not be deserving of him at all. 

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