A 30 year old woman have been arrested in connection with the Platinum Dog Club case on Sunday, and netizens are alleging that the woman arrested was the operator of the club. 

The arrest was revealed by the AVA in a statement released after queries from the public, and after Minister Shanmugam told everyone to calm down and that proper actions will be taken in the case. Another PAP MP, Sun Xueling, also got in the mix when she claimed via her FB posting that several dog owners have been reunited with their dogs after they had been left in the care of Platinum Dog Club. It was believed that the woman arrested was Charlotte Liew, who most said is the operatr behind Platinum Dog Club. However, the name of the arrested woman was not confirmed by AVA. It was also reported that Platinum Dog Club was not properly registered as a dog boarding house with AVA.

The dog that brought Platinum Dog Club under the spotlight, Price, meanwhile still remains missing as of Monday evening.

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