A netizen has gone online to tell his tale of woe, as he believed he had been scammed of money. The guy was at Lavender, and he came across an Ang Mo guy who went up to him, and asked him for help. 

The Ang Mo guy said that he was a banker in Malaysia, working for the HSBC bank. he also claimed that he got so drunk the night before with his friend, and they ended up losing all their belongings, including bus tickets to KL and money. So, he asked the guy to help him with $16, as he needed about $40 for 2 bus tickets home. The guy felt something was wrong, but being so trusting of this Ang Mo, he withdrew from his POSB ATM Saving Account which had less than $50 left. 

The Ang Mo gave him his WhatsApp phone number, and said that he will repay him once he gets the chance to. Upon searching the number, the guy realised he was given not a Malaysian number, but a Hawaiian phone number. He also realised that his trust of an Ang Mo was misplaced, and that he will never get his money back. Lucky it was only $16. 

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