Khaw Boon Wan recently had a bad fall which fractured his arm. He was speaking to his residents at the Women's Festival at Kampung Admiralty. He claimed "I have never experienced so much pain! The doctors told me this type of fracture, the pain is more painful than delivering babies, but I said I don't know because I never had that experience. But I can tell you it is very painful."

Is the doctor trying to wayang to him by telling him his fractured arm is more painful than delivering babies so he doesn't have to feel bad for wasting taxpayers money for being on MC? Or is he just trying to wayang to the citizens by saying that? Does he think that we will pity him for fracturing his arm? Does this mean that none of us will blame him for our train systems breaking down every few days?

How can Khaw Boon Wan use this story in front of so many females telling them that it was "worse than childbirth". I'm very sure many women, me included, will be angry at this statement. He needs to stop wasting our taxpayers money and stop saying stupid shit like this. He should just shut his mouth and get back to work and fix our train systems. Oh wait. Does he even think about fixing our train systems while not being on MC? Even when he was not on MC, there seems to be nothing done while our train systems keep getting delays and such. 

Seeing how you waste my money is giving me a headache that's more painful than his broken arm. How incompetent.

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