Absence makes the heart grow fonder. That is definitely the case with fast food chain A&W, who saw queues snaking around its newly opened outlet at Jewel Changi, with the longest waiting time reportedly 2 hours just to place an order.

A&W was first in Singapore way back in 1966, but left on 2003. Since then, Singaporeans have gotten their fix on A&W food from neighbouring Johor and Batam, and calls for their return has been heard since they have been gone. Now that they are back with a bang, A&W has announced that they are opening a second outlet in Singapore in June 2019, although the location was not announced. A&W will also open a third outlet by 2020. 

The fast food restaurant also announced that they will commence the process to get halal certification by MUIS once the crowds at its Jewel Changi outlet slows down, and that all their food is now actually Muslim friendly. Quite why they waited this long to get halal certification is not known. 

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