A Scoot flight from the Gold Coast to Singapore was diverted to Sydney Airport on Monday, after a drunken passenger on board punched another passenger. The plane was just 1hr 20 min into its 8 hour long journey when it got diverted.

The drunken Australian man was subdued with help from 5 other crew and passengers. Once the plane landed in Sydney, the man was handed over to the Sydney police. The passenger who was punched informed crew members that he did not need medical attention. Scoot said that all affected passengers were transferred to alternative flight for the passenger to make their way back to Singapore. 

It was not known what triggered the drunk man to start punching a fellow passenger. According to reports, the man seemed normal during boarding and take off, but started disturbing other passengers once the plane was in the air. Crew members were also specially instructed not to sell alcohol to the man during the flight. Reports also indicated that the Scoot flight itself was delayed for three hours before the incident, and the man was seen drinking heavily while waiting for the flight to take off. 

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