Tampines Secondary School has said that it was aware of a video during the rounds on social media, purpotedly showing two students fighting in a toilet, believed to be in the school itself.

The school said that they were looking into the video and that the two students have also been identified. Both the students are working with the school to aid in the investigations. The 48 seconds video first appeared on Monday on the Reddit platform, which shows the two boys punching and wrestling with each other. what gave them away was one of the boys wearing a red shirt that says 'Team Sirius'. Sirius happens to be one of the four houses in the School, and they wear a red t-shirt similar to the boy. 

In the video, the other boy was shirtless, and while the fighting were going on, 8 other boys were observing the fight. Eventually, the shirtless boy backed the other boy into a corner, and they stopped fighting when the onlookers told them to stop. The two boys then hugged each other.

It was not known if the boys were engaging in some sort of fight club scenario. 

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