Deyi Secondary students recently displayed a spirit none thought was possible amongst the strawberry generation, keyboard warriors age we are in now. They tok on their school principal over the perceived unfair sacking of the school's drink vendor.

The students tipped off the alternative media about the sacking of the drinks vendor, known as Madam Yap to the students. It was alleged that Madam Yap, who had been working in the school canteen continuously for 38 years, was sacked by the school principal as she had provided some students with disposable cups for takeaway. The school is practising an environmental friendly approach, where disposable cups are not allowed. However, the students were caught by the principal as they went back to their classroooms instead of heading off. The principal sees the act of providing the disposable cups as poor behaviour, and immediately fired Madam Yap. Students also claimed that the principal has always been rude to Madam Yap on numerous occasions.

However, the school refuted the chain of events. In their statement, they indicated that Madam Yap have been given fair warning since February 2018 for hygienic malpractice. Despite the warnings, Madam Yap did not improve and thus the school decided not to renew her contract after this year. Madam Yap had also refused to sell healthier items despite being told by the school to do so. 

So the students proved that such matters cannot be swept under the carpet, but when you are upper management, you always win. 

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