A Singapore company has got one leg up on Malaysia's dream of introducing flying vehicles, as they have announced that they are launching a single-seater flying vehicle. The Singapore start up, Neo Aeronautics, which consist of a four man team, unveiled the flying vehicle on 25 April.

The personal one-seater vehicle, named Crimson S8, is meant to act as a door-to-door urban transportation, and can be taken as a “taxi” in the future. It will be launching in California in late 2020. However, it will not be launched in Singapore due to local legislation. 

The vehicle can reach heights of 15m, which is around five storeys, and can carry up to 100kg weight, and can even reach speed of up to 100km/hr. The company siad that users does not have to have a pilot's licence to operate it, as the operation is as simple as running a drone. However, the vehicle currently have a run time of only 20 minutes, although the company said they hope to improve this to 60 minutes. 

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