A bus passenger with a history of assaulting people on buses have been sentenced to nine weeks in jail for another two unprovoked attacks on two different SMRT bus drivers. Nurhidayat Selamat, 27 years old, committed these cowardly acts on two consecutive days on bus service 171 travelling to Yishun.

In the first incident on February 8, he boarded the bus from Bukit Panjang Road, intending to go to Yishun, when he paid a fare of $1. When the bus driver told him that this was insufficient, he became agitated and started arguing with the driver. He then suddenly punched the driver on his face, alighted and walked away. The second incident happened on the very next day. Again, Nurhidayat took bus 171 from Bukit Panjang, with the intention of going to Yishun. This time, he placed a $2 note in the fare machine. this time, a different driver said this was still 30cents less than the actual fare. Nurhidayat then turned violent once more, and started hitting the acrylic panel behind the driver's seat, and hurling insults in Malay. He then punched the driver on his arm. Police were finally called in, and he was subsequently arrested.

Nurhidayat had been previously fined in April 2016 for punching a fellow bus passenger. Someone should tell hi not to  take buses anymore. 

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