The Opposition in Singapore are ramping up the pressure on PAP. 

Dr Tan Cheng Bock lamented how PAP has changed, a sentiment later echoed by Lee Hsien Loong's own brother Lee Hsien Yang.

Now, Lim Tean, the Secretary-General of the People's Voice Party (PVP) has challenged PAP to a live-telecast debate in the coming GE.

Yesterday Mr “New Taxes” Heng and Chan Chun Sing claimed that the PAP took “governance” issues seriously and that the coming GE would reveal which Party had the better ideas to carry Singapore forward.

We would be absolutely delighted to debate Mr “New Taxes” Heng in the coming GE in these areas.

For example, we would love to hear what Mr “New Taxes” Heng has to say in a live debate on why the trade war between China and America, which the PAP has used as a blanket excuse to justify the abysmal state of our economy, has led to an increase in the number of Singaporeans being unemployed but a decrease in the unemployment of foreigners!

And why is it that between 2008-2018, the number of CPF contributors aged 20-25 dropped by 3% even though the overall number of contributors increased by 25%! This shows that our economy under the PAP has not been able to create enough jobs for young Singaporeans in the past decade and that a great many young Singaporeans are unemployed!

Will PAP respond to this? Will they accept the challenge or will they hide and issue responses throught the mainstream media again?

If they are confident of their policies, then PAP should accept this challenge and let the people be the judge.

It's getting hotter but for PAP, this may be a heat wave coming their way.


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