The Wuhan virus is spreading on an unprecedented scale, and the total number of "reported" infections has already surpassed the previous SAR epidemic. However the Singaporean government is still taking the line that Singapore should not close our borders to PRC visitors. The question is why not, when other countries have taken the decisive step to shut its borders temporarily to help stem the spread of the virus. 

Education Minister Ong Ye Kung's reasoning is this: 

“Imagine that at the height of Sars… other countries (decide) to get Singaporeans out of the country. We will become a target as well and can be hit hard. Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.”

Minister Ong's explanation reeks of a deference to big nations and reflects a reactive attitude to this potential crisis. Shouldn't the well-being of our citizens come first at the expense of all other things like economic growth and global business? Why can't Singapore make the sovereign decision to safeguard Singaporean lifes and adopt a kiasu kiasi attitude at this point of time. If there is a time and place to be kiasu and kiasi, isn't now the best time? Shouldn't we pre-empt problems instead of responding to the crisis only when things deteriorate beyond control and only when there is local community spreading? 

The Singapore Government often blows its trumpet on how it has drawer plans for all sorts of contingencies but when push comes to shove, their response is severely out of sync with Singaporean's expectations. Our lives, health and well-being should take precedence over all else, if they do not care for us in this time of need, we too will abandon you during the next election. 

If countries like Hong Kong, Mongolia and Russia can take steps to ban all PRC travellers, there is no reason why a high density high risk country like Singapore not do likewise. If we end up all infected, would there still be a country to run or defend? 


NO. Wake Up Singapore Government! 





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