Happy Ramadan to all Muslims. A netizen recently published a public service announcement calling for Singaporeans to be more patient when ordering food delivery. In the month of fasting, it is natural to expect delayed deliveries as Muslim riders have to break fast too.

A large number of delivery riders are Muslims and barely have time to break fast. Some of them break fast on the roads so that they can deliver the food on time, so Singaporeans should not be too demanding or insensitive towards their needs.

"Most food delivery providers are adopting a new scheme where the rider's salary is based on the number of orders they can deliver during their shift so please don't assume that if your order is late, the riders are taking their time. Also do note that the restaurants and foodcourts that you are ordering from also has customers dining in and they will always unfortunately be the shop's first priority."

There is, however, a good method to ensure that your food arrives on time. The netizen suggested for people to make their orders by 6.15pm so that the delivery riders have time. Otherwise, people can opt for alternative methods such as food pick-ups at various restaurants that offer the service. 

"As much as you want your food to be delivered as fast as possible us riders want to do the same so do take your own initiative to help the riders who in turn will help you.

At the end of the day we are just out here making money for ourselves and some for their families so we hope Singaporeans can make our lives just a bit easier and we will be eternally grateful for it."


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