Singapore is the most, if not one of the most expensive countries in the world. And Despite how PM Lee mentioned that the government will work with us to solve problems like the cost of living in 2015, the PAP has/intends to increase prices of many things such as GST and sugar.

On 16 Mar 2019, Singapore Democratic Party unveiled a 10 point plan to help lower the cost of living in Singapore.

1. Cut ministerial pay to fund assistance schemes for the poor
2. Raise income tax rate for the top 1 percent
3. Ensure revenue neutral budgets
4. Scrap GST for essential items, raise GST for luxury goods
5. Legislate minimum wage
6. Reinstate estate duty
7. Reduce healthcare costs
8. Lower HDB prices
9. Return CPF savings
10. Stop profligate public spending

Do you think their 10 point plan will work for us? For their 10 point plan to come true, we firstly need a change. It's time to #VTO

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