As one Bradley Button neared the end of the rice in his meal on flight SQ248  from Wellington to Melbourne, he allegedly heard a sickening crunch and spat it out to see what caused the sound - a tooth that was not his. 

Button allegedly 'threw his guts up' and was not feeling well as the idea of having someone else's body part in his food wasn't very nice. 

Button was on a flight back home after visiting a friend when the incident occurred. He claims that the flight attendant that attended to him was adamant that she had to take away the tooth for testing and was telling him it was a small rock when it was, in no shadow of a doubt, a tooth.

Button was then given a $75 voucher which he could only use on duty free in Singapore Airlines flights. The passenger seated next to him also thought that it was a chipped tooth. 

SIA has since apologized to Button for the incident and the object will be tested.

Is it a small rock or a tooth? Look at the picture and tell us what you think!

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