A young grassroots volunteer, named as Roland Neo, who reportedly holds a treasurer post in a community club management committee, was alleged to have attacked an elderly dog owner, after the elderly man swung his leash at Neo's dog.

The elderly man, Mr Joseph Wee, 59, was walking his muzzled German Shepherd Nero to his home in Joo Chiat form Telok Kurau Park, when Neo's appeared and bit Nero's tail. So Mr Wee did the only thing he could, as he swung his dog's leash towards the other dog to shoo it away. But before Mr Wee could examine Nero's bleeding tail, he was struck from behind and sent tumbling to the ground. According to witnesses, Mr Wee was bleeding from the blow, and the man who struck him, Neo, was spoiling for a fight. he even challenged yet another elderly man to fight, after the man stepped forward to prevent the assault. Mr Wee sustained fractures to his tailbone.

At least 40 people witnessed the assault and when they wanted to call the police, Neo told them not to get involved. It was understood that the Neo was out on bail for other offenses when the incident took place, and the police was also informed of the latest assault, and investigations are ongoing.

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